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Re: Night Shift

Lol @plasmo

Re: Night Shift

it's too cold, had to get in bed

Re: Night Shift

Ive been asleep 5hrs just woke went to bed super early @plasmo yeah 10 ish here so feels warm lol was a lot colder last few weeks

Re: Night Shift

yeah was trying to read some stuff, had to give up and read in bed.

might just watch some youtube, if i read any more it will keep me awake

Re: Night Shift

@plasmo hello are you awake

Re: Night Shift anyone about? I saw you'd posted @oceangirl; wanna chat?

Just up dwelling on a new opportunity. Would be great to talk if you're up to it...

Hope x

Re: Night Shift

hoot @Meowmy 


yeah i'm awake, watching cricket

Re: Night Shift

only saw 1st inninings checked score after got up and watched highlights who would have believed @plasmo 


Re: Night Shift

yeah was a good game.


i'm gonna try drop, too busy at nights lately

Re: Night Shift

hoot etc.

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