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Senior Contributor


I would like to express my condolences at the death of the late Margo Kiddo who died today aged 69. An actress,author and a fellow sufferer of MDP. Rest in peace.


Re: codolences

hello @jay2 

checking to see how you are my friend xoxox

love to hear from you


Re: codolences

Hi Shaz51, Just hibernating over a cold winter. Now that spring is showing off with all of it's newly appearing bulbs and many little green bits and pieces popping their heads out of the soil, so am I . I am out in the garden every day that the sunshine is out, warming up the earth and me too.     I am feeling very calm and pleased with myself been taking a natural liquid substance ,that we are not allowed to mention and it's doing me a power of good.  Off to the big smoke again this week ,appointments with the "Gods" again. Usually to ruffle their feathers with my unorthadox outspokeness. I am too old now to care what they think,they take me or leave me.  God is my judge not man.            Hope you and yours got through the winter without too many problems.  Good wishes to every body else out there in our crazy world .   Regards jay2


Re: codolences

@jay2, just saw your message my friend

remember to put a @ in front of members names xx

I am out in the garden every day that the sunshine is out,, that sounds nice @jay2 , need to have a BBQ in the garden

how did you go today Heart

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