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Talks, Interesting Articles and Media

I thought I’d set up a space where we can share things like TED talks and other media that we’ve found interesting and/or inspiring. I’m hoping it’s a place that you can come back when there’s time and view something that has been interesting to other members. It doesn’t have to be mental health related but ok if it is as well.


@Appleblossom, @eth it was you that inspired me to do this. I’ve loved some of the things you have shared. @Appleblossom I recently watched some you put up on another thread and was interested and inspired by them. With that in mind I created this thread and have one I’d like to share


Note - It is 18 mins long.


Re: Talks, Interesting Articles and Media

Only just saw this thread @Teej! We could have just added our video links here, sorry if we've inadvertently set up a clone Smiley Sad Hannah Gadsby is fantastic, isn't she? Here's a share for this thread as well Heart

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Re: Talks, Interesting Articles and Media

i don’t think it’s a clone @Ali11 , I think they are different. This one can be more about anything interesting/inspiring. I was thinking that it could be really open about anything really..... whatever someone’s interest was. The other is more focussed on shared videos on well being. 😊. 


Yes i do love Hannah Gatsby. 💜


im about to go to bed but will watch the Russell Brand one tomorrow. I’m sure I’ll like it 😊


Re: Talks, Interesting Articles and Media

@Teej @Ali11 

I like that this thread is not necessarily about mental health, but ...


I like Hannah Gadsby a lot.  Sad she developed depression partly due to self deprecation and being open to abuse online. She is leading women in comedy and a great cultural shift from Australia.


Teej you helped me stay on the planet long enough to find Mr Brand.  When I first came here I was not yet able to enjoy the internet.






Re: Talks, Interesting Articles and Media

Mr Brand has some great short videos on his channel @Appleblossom, he used to be quite political a few years ago but now his videos are more about living and mental, emotional and physical health. You're right about Hannah, she's such a great comedian and has inspired a lot of people by sharing her stories Heart

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Re: Talks, Interesting Articles and Media

@Appleblossom  😘. You’ve well and truly embraced the internet now.....and found so many amazing things along the way. 


This is one I’m posting I loved. It’s entertaining and I love the connections to lifestyle. It’s another longish one at 14 mins long and I’m sure it will make everyone smile at one point and learn something



Sloths have been on this planet for more than 40 million years. What's the secret to their success? In a hilarious talk, zoologist Lucy Cooke takes us inside...

Re: Talks, Interesting Articles and Media

Found this and wanted to share. It is personal for me but others might find it interesting too.


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Re: Talks, Interesting Articles and Media

I just watched this @Appleblossom and thought you might find it interesting. It's a documentary on Sir Nigel Hawthorne's life. I enjoy seeing who is the human behind the actor.


There is three parts. This is the first. Hopefully they'll follow on for you. 

Sir Nigel Hawthorne Remembered (1/3)

Re: Talks, Interesting Articles and Media

Thank you @Teej I will look into it when I have time.


I hope others post under this thread title.


Tonight I started "Loving Vincent" but wimped out by 11.39 min. Could not cope with the children throwing fruit at V.  My cat was sitting on my shoulder and watching laptop with me.  He was not impressed either and jumped up.  It is far more artsy than truly violent, but being an iconic story of madness and suicide, it must just get under my skin in an agitated way. 


It is hard to know what triggers me and what can heal.  Last night I was laughing out loud at "Robin Hood" set in Alice.

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